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The Wright Theatre School
    • Jasmine Richardson
      Drama Coach, Singing Assistant

      Jasmine Richardson has a passion for theatre and music and through sharing this passion Jasmine is dedicated to helping children express themselves through the art of acting. Jasmine has five years of drama teaching experience and has acted in many theatre productions with her most favourite role being Alice from Alice in wonderland which she performed at the One Way Street Party Festival in 2013. Jasmine Is also currently studying a bachelor of music and her most recent adventures has led her to singing at Laneway music festival and performing in a song and music video along side iconic Australian celebrities such as Kate Ceberano, Katie Noonan and Troy Cassar-Daley.

    • Gabby Richmond
      Singing Coach

      I’m Gabby, and I’m passionate about sharing my love for music and singing with our students! You’ll most likely find me close to my basket of wacky and wonderful musical instruments. In addition to teaching children important vocal techniques and repertoire, it is my aim to expose them to exciting music from different cultures that have made significant contributions to our music today. From samba, calypso and classical through to pop and much loved musical theatre, we will learn and discover new melodies, rhythms and improvisation techniques to help students find their voice, and have the confidence to share it!

    • Rachael White
      Drama Coach, Stinkbugs Coach, Artistic Director

      Rachael is a quirky, Australian, comedic performer with a small head and big dreams. From her début performance as the bed wetter Molly in a community production of Annie – to her latest
      sketch comedy, Rachael has made it her mission to make people laugh. She loves to write her own material and will often incorporate original work in her classes.

    • Shannon Wright
      Managing Director

      Shannon is a charming Canadian who was bitten by the theatre bug back in his teens while attending the Windsor Centre for the Creative Arts High School. Since then, he’s been an actor in Vancouver and Calgary, studying and teaching along the way. “Lifelong learning” is one of his mottos, and he’s more than happy to share his knowledge with every class he teaches.

    • Kristall Walcott
      Dance Coach

      My name is Kristall Walcott and I am so excited to be a part of the team for this year. My passion for dance and teaching are at their strongest when they have joined forces and I cannot wait to share my energy and heart with you all. We will be exploring hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre, and piecing them together with awesome lessons and topics that will not only help your child be the best dancer or performer, but the best person and friend they can be.

    • Mission Statement

      Here at The Wright Theatre School, our aim is “To foster children’s creativity and confidence while they learn performance based skills in a safe space; regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.”

  • Code of Conduct

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